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Throughout his career so far, Lionel Messi has done so many magical things on a football pitch, its difficult to keep count. On this page we will keep a record of Messi's best moments in video form. From his best goals and skills to fan tributes and TV commercials, if its Messi, its here. There are lots of Lionel Messi videos out there, and new and exciting ones are released all the time. Keep checking back here for the best place to see videos of the world's best player.

Lionel Messi Videos

Video of the Week

Great video from the unloosener channel this week, showcasing some of Lionel Messi's best individual goals.

Latest Goals

Levante 1-2 Barcelona (Messi - 2 Goals)
Barcelona looked to be struggling last night, as they trailed for much of the game away to Levante. On 64 minutes however, Lionel Messi scored a crucial equaliser to give the Spanish champions the belief that they needed. Cuenca was fouled inside the box later on and Messi scored his 63rd goal of the season from the penalty spot. Barcelona won the match 2-1 and remain 4 points behind Real Madrid. Next up for Barcelona is El Clasico on Saturday night, where Barcelona can close the gap to 1 point if they win. Messi and Ronaldo will both go into next week's match on 41 league goals, dead level in the race for the Pichichi.

All Messi Goals

Lionel Messi is Barcelona's all-time record goalscorer. This video from NajdorfHD brilliantly puts together all the goals Messi has ever scored for Barcelona.

Greatest Messi Goals

Lionel Messi has scored many great goals, but arguably his best came against Getafe in the Semi-Final of the 2007 Copa del Rey. Messi picked the ball up on the halfway line, beat every defender in his way, rounded the keeper and slotted the ball home in breathtaking style. The goal is remarkably similar to Maradona's famous goal against England in the 1986 World Cup.

Other great Lionel Messi Goals -

Messi Goal against Zaragoza - 2010
Messi Goal against Real Madrid - 2011
Messi Goal against Arsenal - 2011

Best Chips and Lobs

Lionel Messi has become famous for a particular type of finish which is a nightmare for goalkeepers everywhere. When through on goal Messi will regularly lift the ball straight over the top of a goalkeeper who is coming off his line. Despite how often we see this finish from the Argentinian, there is almost no way to prevent it. Goalkeepers are taught from an early age to come off their line in order to make it more difficult for the striker to score. Against Lionel Messi, this tactic is rendered practically useless. For the viewer however, we get to marvel at some of the best looking finishes in world football.

Other Lionel Messi Videos

Lionel Messi Videos

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